Almresi Restaurant – Home

With a heavy heart we have to announce
our early season closure as of 2/25/2024.
We are looking forward to welcoming you again for the Summer!




… where the Alps
meet the Rockies


Our cuisine is characterised by the specialities of the Alps. From our starters like the Swiss cheese fondue traditionally prepared with cherry brandy to our entrees like the pork shank with mashed potatoes and our very tasty German sauerkraut.  As a sweet finish we recommand our classic Austrian Kaiserschmarrn (Americans describe it as pancake and French Toast dessert baby) or our authentic German apple strudel with vanilla sauce. To round up our alpine experience we only serve excellent and high quality wines from the regions around the Alps like Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.


Our Family Story


My husband and I met with a common dream: America. He moved to Vail, Colorado in the 80s to live and work in the US, and so he fell in love with the American lifestyle. After we got married, we started our business in Germany and we began spending many vacations with our four kids throughout the US. Even though our lives were in Germany, we never lost sight of our hearts’ desire to bring America into them as well. About five years ago, we were vacationing again in the beautiful Rockies and I really don’t know how it happened, but everything fell together like a mosaic and we found ourselves with a unique opportunity: running a restaurant. We knew that this was our chance to expand into the US, not only our business, but also our lives, and we seized the opportunity. In doing so, we began to realize a common family dream.

One year of planning, organizing, rebuilding, and many oversea flights later with highs and lows that building up a new project in a foreign country has to offer, we were happy to open our first Almresi just in time for Christmas 2016. As soon as we had opened and after all this hard work it was very clear to us that this should be our only project in the US, but the Timber Resort Group approached us and wanted our Almresi concept for their Dancing Bear in Aspen. As barely as we got back our balance, we had a new project ahead of us.  And we couldn’t say „No“, since we love Aspen and never expected such a chance to open a second Almresi in this perfect and fantastic place. At the same time, the next project in Vail was offered to us: „Alpenrose“ in the heart of Vail Village and so this restaurant were redesigned and reopened for Christmas 2018, all, in between buildout plans and permits for Aspen.

In our wildest dreams we would not have expected this development when we started with only one restaurant in the US. Now finally we are very happy to have the chance to be part of the Timber Resort Group and to start with our Almresi concept in Aspen for Christmas 2019 at the Dancing Bear. German and Austrian carpenters have helped us with great talent and skills to realize the typical Almresi charm. Hundreds of years old wood from old barns and huts imported from the mountains of Austria ans Switzerland have taken the long way to the USA in a container to shine now in Aspen in new brightness and a true feel-good atmosphere. Authentic flair, attention to detail and the smell of old wood combines to a beautiful homey atmosphere. Feel welcomed in our new Almresi in Aspen and find the love we put into every handselected detail. We are more than honored to welcome you as our guests.



Staff & Almresi Story




Up in the mountains for many years a story has been told. Resi was a beautiful and graceful farm girl engaged to the son of a woodsman, Florian. Their love and happiness ended unexpectedly when Florian was killed while hunting an exceptional large deer. After her loss the inconsolable Resi decorated the antlers with flowers and moved far away from the place that reminded her of her lost love. She not only found her inner peace but also her destiny up in the mountains in an isolated cottage, dedicating her time and heart to look after  the travellers passing by. She catered to the hikers so well that her reputation as an outstanding hostess soon became legendary. When the locals felt spoiled, loved and completely at home somewhere they would say: “It is just as lovely here as it is at Almresi.”




We have an international staff from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and America here to welcome and serve you with warmth and competence, caring for you like you are family. Our top priority is guest satisfaction, and we find that attention to detail is the key to comfort. You will be inspired by our greeting staff wearing traditional and authentic garb, made by Wiesnkönig. This young and stylish fashion brand is the official licensed supplier for the world famous Munich Oktoberfest.  If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with us in whichever way is most convenient for you. We love to hear from our future, present, and past guests in order to craft the best experience possible,  so ask away!





Wether you want to celebrate a special occasion with friends, birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, corporate events,
bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners or a wedding, Almresi will give you all the comforts of being at home,
while we are taking care of all the behind the scenes actions.